Metropole International Beauty System belongs to the famous Korean multinational corporation Metropole Group, specializing in providing “Korean standard” cosmetic services with exclusive Top 1 beauty technology in Asia and certified machine system. The world’s most advanced 5-star hook.


With the motto of bringing “timeless beauty”, the event of Metropole Clinic appearing in Vietnam in March 2024 marked an important milestone for the cosmetic industry in Vietnam. Along with the project of expanding a series of branches nationwide, Metropole Clinic has always affirmed its pioneering position in the field of bringing modern cosmetic services imported from Korea to customers.

Why choose Metropole Clinic?

Korean Beauty System Metropole Vietnam is proud to be the first and only Korean standard beauty salon of Metro Group in Southeast Asia,  with the mission of achieving natural, harmonious beauty and helping customers rediscover “your own beauty”. Service quality at Metropole Clinic has reached perfection with a system of modern, advanced facilities combined with a highly specialized and experienced board of Vietnamese and Korean doctors.

The official presence in Vietnam has promoted the mission of realizing the wish to “regenerate” beauty, improve health, preserve youth and meet the Korean beauty needs of customers in Vietnam and Vietnam. entire Southeast Asia region.

Exclusive 5-star technology with Korean nose cartilage products exclusively for the Vietnamese market

As a leading cosmetic system with 5-star facilities and machinery, all modern equipment of Metropole Clinic is imported genuine from Korea.


Especially in the near future, Metropole Clinic will bring a completely new rhinoplasty cartilage product, bringing the breath of advanced technology of the era, never before appeared on the market and completely exclusive in the Vietnamese market.

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High-quality 2nd generation LASIK cartilage is the latest breakthrough in current rhinoplasty technology, inheriting the advantages and completely overcoming the limitations of the following types: first generation cartilage, conventional cartilage such as silicone, gore- tex. This process creates the safest and most harmonious results with the facial structure and does not cause cartilage rejection in the future and completely overcomes the dangerous complications of scalpel and thread surgery. conventional and with filler.

Product quality has been guaranteed to be absolutely safe and completely suitable for all customers, tested and applied exclusively by Korean aesthetic plastic surgery experts at Metropole Vietnam Cosmetic System.

Asia’s leading service – Lifetime warranty

Metropole Clinic offers a lifetime warranty service with a VIP CARD MEMBER physical warranty card – a pioneering project in customer care, protection and after-sales service. Each hard card will be printed with a series of customer-specific codes.


Here, customers can easily look up information such as performed services, doctor information, implementation technology, rhinoplasty cartilage material and post-operative care history on Metropole’s official website. Clinic Vietnam.

This is the special care policy of Metropole Korean Aesthetic System for customers using the service. Metropole Clinic is always committed to providing the best service experience, bringing the most satisfaction and constantly innovating and improving quality to always become a trusted address in the hearts of customers.

Veteran medical team with more than 10 years of experience

It is a convergence of hundreds of leading cosmetic doctors in the region with more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and dermatology from developed countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam,… Metropole Clinic is confident in bringing the most perfect beauty services to customers, where the word TAM is always equal to the word TAM.

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Metropole’s team of doctors regularly organizes face-to-face consultations, technology transfers, and constantly learns and shares experiences to continue improving services with the aim of providing excellent aesthetic experiences. excellent results and the most satisfying results for patients.


Step by step bringing a perfect appearance and gaining the trust and satisfaction of customers for 25 years is what the team of doctors at Metropole International Aesthetics always keep in mind. With high expertise and excellent technical skills, doctors and nurses at Metropole Clinic confidently put the word “MIND” as their principle and put their whole heart and soul into each service.

Vision of Metropole International Aesthetics

During 25 years of construction and development, Metropole Korean Cosmetic System has been honored to receive the trust of more than 6 million customers across Asia with a network of 62 large centers in leading countries in the Asian region. Asian aesthetics such as Korea, Japan, China,…


Korean Cosmetic System Metropole’s arrival in Vietnam marks an important milestone for Vietnam’s cosmetic industry. With a 5-star standard machinery system and exclusive technology with high-quality nose cartilage products produced only in the Vietnamese market, Metropole Clinic has opened the door to bring customers to advanced beauty technologies. advancing in the world, promising to bring perfect appearance to win the trust and satisfaction of customers!


METROPOLE is one of the leading specialized cosmetic facilities in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of operation, METROPOLE currently has 2 main branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, specializing in many cosmetic fields such as eyes, nose, jaw and face orthopedics, body shaping, and specialized skin treatment. The hospital is fully equipped with standard technology and machinery with an operating room system, technology received and transferred from reputable medical units from Germany, America, Korea, and Japan. The team of medical specialists at METROPOLE always updates the latest trends in the cosmetic industry, with the goal of providing a safe and quality examination and treatment experience.

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